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Under the SwimSafer programme, students are required to go through 6 levels of achievement awards, namely Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Bronze, Silver and Gold. To know more about the SwimSafer programme and the various achievement awards, please click here.


Besides the SwimSafer awards, YellowFin Team offers our students the opportunity to attain the fullest confidence in water safety through our Lifesaving courses. Our experienced YellowFin Team instructors will guide the students through progressive stages of certifications, which include Lifesaving 1, 2 and 3, CPR, Bronze Medallion, Bronze / Silver Cross, Award of Merit and the Distinction Award. These certification will qualify our YellowFin Team students as lifesavers. To know more about the Singapore Life Saving Society Awards Syllabus, please click here.

Click here to access the Life Saving Test Notes



Course Fees
Class Size No. of Students Course Fee
Private 1 to 2 S$250 to S$320 per 4 lessons per pax
Small Group <  6 S$80 onwards per 4 lessons per pax
Big Group 7 to 12 S$60 to S$80 per 4 lessons per pax
Adult Group S$80 to S$100 per 4 lessons per pax
Special request can be made for lessons to be conducted at your private condominium swimming pools.

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